28/10 +29/10 OPEN STUDIO DAYS expo from 2pm-6pm, Groeningestraat 8500 Kortrijk (BE) collaborations with Carmen Devos, Nathalie Vanheule, Fien Van Rostenberghe en Louise Mae 18/10/18 - 05/11/18 expo CITY FESTIVAL INTERIEUR2018 AKT a Kind tribute / Chapel Guldensporencollege / Kollegestraat 6 8500 Kortrijk (BE), organised by AKT MAGAZINE , curator Piet Albert Goethals 18/10/18+ 22/10/18 Damn Magazine Press Booth INTERIEUR 2018 limited book La Langue ( Nathalie Vanheule/ Louise Mae/ Fien Van Rostenberghe) by Nathalie Vanheule, invited by Siegrid Demyttenaere 1/11/18 -04/11/18 A MOMENT OF TRUST / CLUB SOLO BREDA (NL) Club Solo Kloosterlaan 138 Breda (NL) , curator Stefan Schröder, collaboration with Tenthaus Oslo Salon Lalangue / Loods 6 Amsterdam (NL) performance together with artist Margret Wibmer in Amsterdam 05/ 2019 Lieux- Communs Namen curator Guy Malevez